branch1 W2S1 [bra:ntʃ US bræntʃ] n
↑branch, ↑leaves, ↑trunk
1¦(of a tree)¦
2¦(of a business/shop/company etc)¦
3¦(of government)¦
4¦(of a subject)¦
5¦(of a family)¦
6¦(of a river/road etc)¦
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: branche, from Late Latin branca 'animal's foot']
1.) ¦(OF A TREE)¦
a part of a tree that grows out from the ↑trunk (=main stem) and that has leaves, fruit, or smaller branches growing from it
After the storm, the ground was littered with twigs and branches.
The topmost branches were full of birds.
a local business, shop etc that is part of a larger business etc
The bank has branches all over the country.
a branch office in Boston
She now works in our Denver branch.
Where's their nearest branch?
They're planning to open a branch in St. Louis next year.
Have you met our branch manager , Mr. Carlson?
a part of a government or other organization that deals with one particular part of its work
All branches of government are having to cut costs.
the executive/judicial/legislative branch
(=the three main parts of the US government)
4.) ¦(OF A SUBJECT)¦
one part of a large subject of study or knowledge
a branch of mathematics/physics/biology etc
5.) ¦(OF A FAMILY)¦
a group of members of a family who all have the same ↑ancestors
the wealthy South American branch of the family
a smaller less important part of a river, road, or railway that leads away from the larger more important part of it
The rail company may have to close the branch line to Uckfield.
branch 2
branch2 v
to divide into two or more smaller, narrower, or less important parts
Another road branched northward.
When you reach the village green, the street branches into two .
branch off [i]phr v
1.) if a road, passage, railway etc branches off from another road etc, it separates from it and goes in a different direction
= ↑fork off branch off from
a passage branching off from the main tunnel
2.) BrE to leave a main road
= ↑fork off branch off from/into
We branched off from the main road and turned down a country lane.
3.) to start talking about something different from what you were talking about before
branch off into
Then the conversation branched off into a discussion about movies.
branch out phr v
to start doing something different from the work or activities that you normally do
Don't be afraid to branch out and try something new.
branch out into (doing) sth
Profits were falling until the bookstore branched out into selling CDs.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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